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The Blade Quality of Shot Blaster Affects the stability of Shot Blaster

The wear resistance of blade of shot blasting machine determines the service life of blade and the application cost of shot blasting machine. Therefore, the blade of shot blasting machine must use super wear-resistant raw materials. But in addition, the working environment of the shot blasting machine determines the wear resistance of the blade of the shot blasting machine.

For example, if there is 1% sand in the abrasive, the service life of the blade will be reduced by 80%. The application of the separated equipment also determines the service life of the shot blasting machine. The abrasion or crack of the blade will make the centrifugal impeller vibrate at high speed. Therefore, it is necessary to always inquire about the condition of the blades and replace the defective blades immediately.

In order to make the shot blasting machine run smoothly, the corresponding blades must be replaced together to get good rotating balance. If it is suspected that the problem of the blade causes the abnormal operation of the shot blaster, all the blades must be replaced. The defects of the blade will accelerate the wear of the blade, especially when the chilled pig iron shot is used as abrasive. The blade with defects will make the abrasive particles jump continuously in the process of movement, and the jumping abrasive particles will in turn produce erosion effect on the blade and aggravate the wear of the blade.

In the past, some enterprises used cobalt alloy or even boron carbide to make one-piece blade of shot blasting machine. The service life of the blade was greatly extended, but the ductility of this kind of super hard material made the wear-resistant blade unable to show its actual effect in the aspect of shot blasting and rust removal.

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