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The function of the shot blasting machine

Shot blasting technology is one of the advanced technologies for surface cleaning, strengthening, polishing, and deburring of various mechanical components in the world. The equipment is mainly composed of the shot blaster, the wear-resistant rubber band, the auger, the hoister, the separator, the feeding conveyor, the dust remover, and the cleaning machinery.

At present, the shot blasting machine has been widely used in many industries. This machine is of various functions and high technology, which can be designed with the PC control and the electrical automatic control, with devices of automatic monitoring, automatic protection, and stepless frequency conversion speed regulation. It can achieve the purpose of a machine with multiple functions. Its main principle is to abandon the compressed air as a power method, and use the shot blaster and the centrifugal force to protect the surface of the workpiece at high speed, especially for blind corners of the inner cavity of the workpiece, so as to achieve the required brightness, cleanliness, roughness and intensify the surface of the workpiece, greatly improving the service life and beauty of the parts.

Skills to use a shot blasting machine:

1. When cleaning the shot blasting machine, more workpieces should be placed in the shot blasting area as much as possible, which can not only improve the cleaning efficiency, but also reduce the wear of the guard plate and increase its service life.

2. When the number of workpieces can not be increased, the control cage should be adjusted so that the projectiles can be shot on the workpieces as much as possible, which can also increase the service life of the guard plate and reduce its wear.

3. (1) The dust removal system should adjust the gates of all branch pipes to make the wind distribution reasonable, which can enhance dust removal.

(2) The dust remover should ensure regular dust removal.

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