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The Main Components of Shot Blasting Equipment

1. Components of shot blasting equipment

Shot blasting equipment is currently the main equipment for cleaning castings. Its composition generally includes shot blasting device, casting carrier, projectile circulation system, cleaning room, dust removal system and control system.

2. The key components of shot blasting equipment

The shot blaster is a key component, and its performance directly affects the efficiency of the equipment and the maintenance workload. Therefore, when selecting, it is necessary to understand the main performance parameters and structure formation of the shot blaster used.

The shot blaster is composed of the blasting pipe, the impeller, the control cage, the linkage plate, the blade, the main shaft and the bearing seat, the motor, the shield and the protective plate and other parts.

(1) V-belt drive: the main bearing seat, the shot blaster shell, and the motor are respectively installed on the support parts such as the cleaning room. This is a commonly used form in the past. Due to the same loading and unloading, the application is gradually reduced.

(2) Cantilever type: V-belt transmission, the main shaft component cantilever connected to the shell of the shot blasting machine, because it is convenient to install and unload, it is currently widely used.

(3) Direct-connected type: the motor and the shot blaster are directly connected. Because the bearing seat, V-belt and pulley are omitted, the structure is compact, the power loss is small, and the maintenance workload is small. It is currently widely used in medium and small power shot blasters.

(4) V-belt drive: the main bearing seat, the shot blasting shell, and the motor are assembled on the same bottom plate, and the bottom plate is connected with the support during installation. This is the first form of improvement. The force of the spindle is better than that of the cantilever type, and it is more convenient to assemble and disassemble. It is mainly used for medium and high-power shot blasting machines.

The blades have two shapes, straight and curved. The curved blade has a long service life, and the cleaning power is about 20% higher than that of the straight blade. But it can't be used for double-rotation shot blasting machine-like straight blade. The blades are generally installed parallel to the axis of the main shaft, and some shot blasters can also be installed with a fork at a certain angle, so that the projectile ejection zone is widened, which is beneficial to improve the cleaning efficiency. The number of leaves is generally eight, and a few are ten or twelve. In the case of the same shot blasting amount, the number of blades is large, the shot blasting amount of each piece is relatively reduced, and the wear is reduced accordingly. In addition, the impeller speed can also be reduced.

The rotation of the shot blaster has one-way (left-hand or right-hand) and two-way. The double-rotating shot blaster has a large projection range, flexible installation and use, and uniform blade wear. It has a long life and its applications are also increasing.

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