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The Main Functions and Applications of Shot Blasting Machine

1. Main functions of shot blasting machine

It's indicated in modern theories of metal strength that the strength will be enhanced greatly as long as the interior dislocation density is increased. It's helpful for metal to adopt shot blasting machine to improve strength by reinforcing the dislocation structure, which is a very effective way for the hardening metal with phase transformation.

Shot blasting forms a pressure stress on the casting surface, enhancing the tensile, corrosion and fatigue resistance. It can correct the distorted thin-wall castings and replace ordinary heat cycling molding to process large thin-wall castings, preventing residual tensile stress from gaining helpful pressure stress.

2.  Applications of shot blasting machine

  • It can be applied in the manufacture of bearings. Generally, bearings require smooth surface so that shot blasting can remove burrs and impurities. Different from shot peening machine, shot blasting machine shortens fatigue life of parts to increase different surface stresses and parts intensity or prevent micro motion. According to modern metal strength theory, enhancing the interior dislocation density is the main direction to improve metal strength. It is indicated by practice that shot blasting is an effective method to reinforce metal dislocation structure.

  • It is applied in shipbuilding. There is rust in most steel plates for shipbuilding which can be removed with shot blasting.

  • It is applied in automobile making. Many steel plates and castings in cars demand polishing and keeping the original shape and strength. It's possible for polishing by shot blasting without any physical damage. Accessories of shot blasting machine are used to remove burrs, membrane and rust. Shot blasting machine gets rid of surface pollutants aiming at a part of coating surface, offering a surface profile added with coating adhesion and enhancing workpieces.

  • It is applied in hardware manufacturing. Shot blasting meets the requirements of smooth and clean hardware.

  • It is applied in electroplating. It can be dealt with by shot blasting since the requirements of electroplating are similar to that of hardware.

  • It is applied in motorcycle parts manufacturing which usually utilizes tumble shot blasting machine to finish shot blasting.

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