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The Steel Sand Used in Shot Blasting Machine is Easy to Rust in Humid Environment

When the shot blasting machine is used in high temperature and high humidity environment, the reducer, motor, blade and so on are more likely to generate heat. What's more, the air not only has a high temperature, but also has high heat. When working in this situation, the consumption of shot blasting machine parts will increase linearly. Since the catenary shot blasting machine itself is in a rainy and humid environment, the shot blasting machine is particularly prone to aging and short-circuiting of electrical components, which requiry special attention. The steel sand used in the shot blasting machine is also prone to rust in a humid environment, and the rusted steel sand is easy to damage the lifting belt as well as the spiral of the shot blasting machine during use.

Consequently, the shot blasting machine should be repaired in high temperature and high humidity environment. At the same time, the parts that need to be replaced should be replaced in time, and the oil filling point should be filled in time. In addition, high-quality materials should be used in the selection of materials for shot blasting machine parts.

For example, the protection devices and blades of catenary shot blasting machines should be made of high chromium. Grease should be of high quality and bearings should be used. The production workshop of the touch shot blasting machine should be ventilated and cooled. Only in this way can the service life of the shot blasting machine be extended more effectively.

Generally speaking, the wear-resistant parts and consumable parts of the shot blasting machine are made of high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron. In terms of service life, the service life of the blades is more than 500 hours, and the side plates and top plates should be at least 800 hours. The end plates should reach 1200h, the separating wheel of directional sleeve can reach 1800h, the main body cover should be no problem within one year, and some shot blasting machines are still in good condition after more than 2 years of operation However, some shot blasting machines have experienced severe wear and tear after three to four months of operation.

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