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Two Shot Blasting Machines Shipped to Thailand On 2020 May 10

QR3210ZS, automatic loading/unloading type shot blasting machine and QWD700 mesh belt type shot blasting machine shipped to Thailand on May 10, 2020.


QR32I0ZS automatic machine for cleaning shot casting and forging stamping parts, such as easy to roll the workpiece and to drop the core parts and the cast and on the surface of stick sand, embroidered layer and oxide, and other glitches. The main users of the machine tool plant, the plant, spring plants, heat treatment workshop, foundry and stamping workshop.




QWD700 mesh belt shot blast cleaning machines mainly used for cleaning surface of thin-wall and fragile iron or aluminum alloy castings, ceramics and other small parts, an also be used for mechanical parts shot peening. with good continuity, cleaning efficiency, small deformation, no pit, and so on. It can be used alone, or work in line.

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