Warranty Policy

1)machine warranty is 12 months,date from finished installation and debugging.

2)During warranty period, we supply free spare parts(Improper man-made operations, except for natural disasters, etc.) but not charge freight for oversea clients

3)when your machine has any problem,please contact us at any time by email or call us by 0086-0532-88068528,we will reply you within 12 working hours.
First,our engineer will tell you the solution,if still not solve the question,can go to your place to maintain machine. Buyer need charge the double way tickets and local room board.

Before shipment,Binhai will supply the Complete and meticulous equipment maintenance manual, reduce equipment failure rate, greatly improve equipment life and working efficiency:
Shot blasting machine repair and maintenance

1. Daily repair and maintenance
Shot blasting part
an examination:
(1) Is there any looseness of the fixing bolts on all shot blasters and shot blaster motors
(2) Wear condition of wear-resistant parts in the shot blaster, and replace worn parts in time
(3) Is the inspection door of the shot blasting room tight?
(4) After shutdown, all the pellets in the machine should be transported to the pellet silo, and the total amount of pellets should be greater than 1 ton
(5) Whether the pneumatic gate on the supply tube is closed
(6) Wear of the guard plate in the shot blasting room
Electrical control section
(1) Check whether the status of each limit switch and proximity switch is normal
(2) Check whether the signal lights on the console work normally

2. Repair and maintenance
Shot blasting and conveying system
(1) Check and adjust the opening of the fan valve and fan valve, and detect the limit switch
(2) Adjust the tightness of the drive chain and give lubrication
(3) Check the integrity of the shot blasting motor
(4) Check the bucket belt of the bucket elevator and make adjustments
(5) Check the bucket bolts on the bucket elevator belt
(6) Repair the filter cartridge dust remover, replace if the filter cartridge is broken, and clean if the filter cartridge has too much dust
(7) Check the lubricating oil of the reducer, if it is lower than the specified oil level, the grease of the corresponding specification must be filled

Electrical control section
(1) Check the contact status of each AC contactor and knife switch.
(2) Check the status of the power line and control line for damage.
(3) Turn on each motor separately, check the sound and no-load current, each motor should be no less than 5 minutes.
(4) Check whether there is burnout at each inlet (motor), and tighten the wiring bolts again.

3. Monthly repair and maintenance
(1) Check whether all transmission parts are running normally and lubricate the chain.
(2) Adjust the entire roller conveyor system chain to keep it synchronized.
(3) Check the wear and fixation of fans and air ducts.

4. Seasonal repair and maintenance
(1) Check the integrity of all bearings and air control systems.
(2) Check the tightness of the fixing bolts and flange connections of all motors, gears, fans, and screw conveyors.
(3) Replace the blast motor with new grease (lubricated according to motor lubrication requirements).

5. Annual repair and maintenance
(1) Add lubricant to all bearings.
(2) Overhaul all motor bearings.
(3) Replace or weld the main body shield of the main projection area.
(4) Check the contact reliability of the electronic control system.

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