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What Are the Electric Sandblaster?

1. Filter electric sandblaster

There are many forms and types of bag filter. According to the cleaning method, it can be divided into three types: mechanical cleaning, countercurrent cleaning, and pulse jet cleaning. According to the filtering method, it can be divided into two types: internal filtration and external filtration. According to the different positions of the inlet and outlet, it can be divided into two types: downward and upward.

2. Electric electric sandblaster

When the gas containing dust particles passes through the high-voltage electric field formed between the cathode wire (also known as the corona electrode) connected to the high-voltage direct current power supply and the grounded anode plate, corona discharge occurs at the cathode and the gas is ionized. At this time, the negatively charged gas ions move toward the positive plate under the action of the electric field force, and collide with the dust particles during the movement, so that the dust particles are negatively charged, and the charged dust particles are under the action of the electric field force. It also moves to the anode, and when it reaches the anode, it releases the electrons it carries, and the dust particles are deposited on the anode plate, and the purified gas is discharged out of the electric blaster.

3. Mechanical electric sandblaster

(1) Gravity Settlement Chamber

The dust removal principle of the gravity dust collector is to suddenly reduce the air flow velocity and change the flow direction. Under the action of gravity and inertial force, the dust of larger particles separates from the air and settles to the bottom of the cone of the electric sandblaster, which belongs to coarse dust removal.

The process of dust sedimentation by gravity is that the flue gas enters the gravity sedimentation equipment from the horizontal direction. Under the action of gravity, the dust particles gradually settle down, and the gas continues to advance in the horizontal direction, thereby achieving the purpose of dust removal.

(2) Cyclone separator

The dust-laden airflow enters the cylinder from the air inlet pipe and spirals downward along the inner wall. The dust is thrown to the wall under the action of centrifugal force, and falls into the ash hopper under the action of gravity. The purified gas is discharged from the central pipe of the electric sandblaster.

4. Wet electric sandblaster

The basic principle of all wet dust collectors is to allow droplets to contact/combine relatively small dust particles to produce larger particles that are easily trapped. In this process, dust particles grow into large particles through several methods.

These methods include larger droplets that combine dust particles, the dust particles absorb moisture and increase their mass (or density), or the formation and increase of condensable particles at lower temperatures in the dust collector.

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