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What Are the Main Functions of Shot Blasting Equipment in Different Fields

With the development of the science, the field of machinery has gradually become mature, and the shot blasting equipment is a successful product of the machine age. It has a wide range of applications, mainly in heavy industry and casting industry. It is a large-scale machine equipment with a strong role. What are its specific application areas? What's the function?

1. Shot blasting equipment can be applied in bearing plant

As we all know, the production of bearings needs to be pressed by molds. Usually, the bearings will not be so rough and become smooth after being pressed. Of course, sometimes it will be rough. At this time, the shot blasting equipment can make the rough bearing surface smooth.

2.Shot blasting equipment can be applied in shipyard

We all know that there will be a lot of steel plates in the shipyard. If the steel plates are not well protected, it is easy to rust. If the rust is not treated properly, the quality of the ship will not be guaranteed. It will be very difficult to remove rust if it is done by people, and it cannot be removed completely. The shot blasting machine is a good rust removal machine, which is time-saving and efficient.

3. Shot blasting equipment can be applied in automobile manufacturing industry

In the process of automobile production, many parts need polishing treatment. As the strength and original shape of these parts cannot be changed, different shot blasting machines are needed to deal with these problems.

4. Shot blasting equipment can be applied in hardware factory

The hardware factory has high requirements for parts, and with its small size, it is difficult to solve this problem manually, so we, as one of the shot blasting equipment suppliers, will use the relevant shot blasting machine to process the surface of these parts.

5. Shot blasting equipment can be applied in steel mill

When the steel is discharged from the furnace, we will find that there will be a lot of burrs on the surface of the steel, which has a great impact on the quality of the steel, and the shot blasting machine can remove the burr on the surface of the steel, making the surface of the steel smooth, so as to ensure the quality of the steel.

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