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What Factors Are Related to the Clean Surface of Shot Blasting Machine ?

The importance of the cleaning of the shot blaster:

When the shot blasting equipment is used, it is necessary to specify the ejection belt, ejection angle and coverage, production efficiency, surface quality requirements of different parts, determine the working current parameters of the shot blasting equipment, the opening degree of the shot valve and the shot blasting time, and the separator, the working state of the dust removal system. Before shot blasting, it should select appropriate specifications to add metal abrasives, determine the particle size distribution used in the bottom tank, and do a good job of surface dust removal, cleanliness and roughness measurement after shot blasting.

Some problems may be related to unclean cleaning of the shot blaster:

Many friends who use the shot blasting machine for sale may often encounter a situation: the surface is not cleaned and the desired effect is not achieved, but the shot blasting machine is in normal working condition. In fact, the poor cleaning effect is determined by many factors.  Such as shot blasting size, shot blasting hardness, shot blasting speed, shot blasting angle, etc. Binhai Jincheng sorted out some problems that may be related to unclean cleaning:

1. The projectile's fan-shaped projection angle is not aligned with the workpiece to be cleaned;

2. Adjust the position of the directional cover window of the shot blaster so that the projectile can be projected onto the engineering parts;

3. Insufficient supply of pills and prolonged cleaning time;

4. Add enough projectiles and check the projectile circulation system;

5. Impure projectiles are mixed with impurities to block the projectile channel, and the projectile contains too much waste sand and dust; timely dredge the pipe of the dust removal system to prevent the pipe from being blocked. This will greatly reduce the separation of the projectile, and the lifting belt will loosen and cause the throwing The pill wheel is lower than the rated speed, which reduces the kinetic energy of shot blasting and projectiles;

6. To remove impurities in the projectile, the projectile should be sieved before adding;

7. Excessive wear at the outlet of the directional sleeve of the shot blaster;

8. Regularly check the directional sleeve and replace it in time if it is found to be severely worn;

9. Excessive wear of the pill wheel reduces the efficiency of pill production;

10. Check the pill wheel regularly and replace it in time.

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