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What is the Shot Blaster?

What is a shot blaster for? To put it simply, it is an equipment of shot blasting cleaner to intensify the surface of metal objects. The speed of the steel shot is about 50-100nds after the impeller head and then thrown onto the surface of the metal part to clean the metal surface of sticky sand, oxide scale, and other foreign substances. So next, qdbhmachinery provides you with 4 grades of shot blasting.  


Derusting grade 1 (Sa1)—light grade treatment

Sa1 is that the surface of the workpiece should be free of visible dirt, grease, and other attachments including the oxide scale, rusty scale, rusty spot, and paint layers.  

Derusting grade 2 (Sa2)—thorough grade treatment  

Sa2 is better than Sa1. After this treatment, the attachments (if any) should be firmly attached, and it will make its skidding resistance index between 0.4-0.5.

Derusting grade 3 (Sa2.5)—more thorough grade treatment

The remaining traces of the workpiece should be only slight stains of dots or stripes, with its skidding resistance index between 0.4-0.5.  

Derusting grade 4 (Sa3.5)—final treatment

This is a very good treatment that the residues and attachments on the surface are thoroughly removed. After the treatment of the workpiece will present a metal texture and also be capable of depainting and painting.  

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