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What is the Wrong Operation of the Shot Blast Cleaning Equipment in the Process of Operation

The application of shot blast cleaning equipment is becoming more and more widely. What are the wrong operations in the process of using the equipment?


1. Shot is not added in time

The shot blasting machine relies on the shot blaster to shoot the steel shot to the workpiece surface at high speed for finishing, the shot belongs to consumables, as the work of the shot blasting equipment is gradually reduced. In the absence of shot, the cycle to improve separation cannot be completed, thus affecting the shot blasting quality.


2. The starting sequence of shot blasting equipment is wrong

The shot blasting equipment is not started up according to the operation manual, and the shot supply gate was not opened after the shot blaster is opened, resulting in the shot blasting equipment idling and no shot material entering.


3. The shutdown sequence is wrong

The shot blaster is closed in advance. The shot formed continues to enter the shot blaster, and the motor is easy to be burned the next time you start it.


4. The speed of conveying roller bed of shot blasting equipment is too fast or too slow

The speed of the conveying roller bed can be adjusted. If the user fails to adjust the speed according to the manual in the process of operation, whether the speed is too fast or too slow, the quality of shot blasting will be affected.


5. The belt of the hoister is loose

The hoister is equipped with belt tensioning equipment, which can be used when the belt is tightened in the process of operation. After the belt loosens, the hoister cannot be used, otherwise it is easy to form equipment damage.

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