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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in the Use of Sand Mixer

The following problems should be paid attention to in the use of sand mixer:

1. Only those who have passed the examination and hold the equipment operation certificate are allowed to operate. Those who operate the sand mixer must strictly abide by the relevant safety and shift systems.

2. Before working, the sand mixer should be filled with oil in strict accordance with the lubrication regulations, and the amount of oil should be proper, the oil path should be unobstructed, the oil mark (window) should be eye-catching, and the oil cup and felt should be clean.

3. Check whether all parts of the machine are in good condition, whether the rollers are flexibly rotated, whether the scraper size is adjusted properly, and then run dry for 3 to 5 minutes. After confirming that the parts are normal, the sand and material can be added, and it must be used in strict accordance with the specified amount.

4. When the sand mixer is rotating, it is not allowed to pick up materials and clean the rollers by hand, and it is not allowed to reach out to add various materials into the roller disc. The sampling must be taken from the sampling hole.

5. Both new and old sand must be sieved to prevent damage to the machine by throwing iron and other debris into the roller.

6. When parking for some reason, the sand and materials in the roller should be removed before starting, and the vehicle cannot be forced to start.

7. During operation, the operator should not leave, and should always pay attention to the sound and wheel rolling conditions, and stop the machine immediately if abnormal conditions are found.

8. When the roller of the sand mixer is not completely stopped, it is forbidden to extend your hands and other instruments into the roller. When entering the roller for cleaning and maintenance, except for opening the power switch, hang up the "maned inspection and repair, no closing". In addition to the warning signs, there must be guardianship.

9. After work, the equipment must be inspected and cleaned, the daily maintenance of the sand mixer must be done, and the operating handles (switches) must be placed in neutral (zero position), and the power switch must be opened to achieve neat, clean and safe.

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