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What Reasons for Peeling after the Shot Blasting Process of the Shot Blasting Machine

QDBH machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce the reasons why the shot blasting machine peels after the shot blasting process, just as follows:

The characteristics: After the shot blasting process on workpieces, a thin film will appear on the surface, even fall off, and it can be easily picked off by hand. Besides, the size, and position are not fixed. This phenomenon is called peeling after the shot blasting process.

The reasons for the formation of peeling after shot blasting:

1. The casting is not compacting, and there are some casting defects on the surface, such as cold shut, delamination, bubble, and poor fusion of alloy.

2. The velocity of the projection is too high.

3. The time of the shot blasting process is too long.

4. The way of hanging components is unreasonable, unstable and these components bump with each other.

5. The shape and quality of the steel shot pellets are poor and they are not smooth.

6. There are impurities in steel shots.

Measures to exclude these hidden troubles:

1. If the surface of the castings is dark, adjust the parameters of die-casting technology or the equipment of the shot blasting machine.

2. Reduce the projecting speed of the steel projectiles of the shot blasting machine properly.

3. Reduce the time of the shot blasting process appropriately.

4. Use reasonable hanging tools to ensure the casting is fixed during the shot blasting process and specific clamps can be used if necessary.

5. Purchase regular-shaped steel projectiles.

6. Filtrate or replace the steel projectiles.

The above is what QDBH machinery Co., Ltd. would like to introduce to you and we hope they can be helpful.

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