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Which Aspects Should be Paid Attention to When Choosing a Shot Blaster

The customers in the machinery industry know that the market of shot blasting equipment is very large, and there are several prices for the same equipment. How can we determine the quality of the shot blasting equipment? Next, our QDBH machinery briefly introduces several methods for you.

1. Nine questions should be paid attention to when choosing a shot blaster

1) First of all, take a look at the shot blasting machine manufacturer and check its official website to see if the manufacturer is regular. Don't covet petty gain.

2) Find a professional to check the integrity of the shot blasting equipment and whether all parts are complete.

3) When debugging the shot blasting equipment, we must pay attention to the vibration sound when starting the equipment. The smaller the sound is, the better the quality of the shot blasting equipment will be.

4) Check the details carefully to see if the details of the joint and welding are fine.

5) See the dust removal effect of the construction site and listen to the noise level when the equipment is turned on.

6) Check whether the shield material of shot blasting equipment is durable.

7) See if the shot blasting machine is in good condition.

8)  Use the test piece to see the effect of shot blasting equipment.

9) See what material the shot blasting room is made of and whether it is durable.

2. Factors related to the quality of shot blasting equipment

1)  Whether the overall structure of the shot blasting equipment for sale is reasonable

2)  Material selection, transmission, and production of shot blasting equipment.

3)  Whether the protection plate of shot blasting equipment and shot blasting device is wear-resistant.

4) Whether the factory has the ability to produce for a long time, whether it can provide after-sales service and whether it can supply accessories for a long time.

The above is the shot blasting equipment manufacturers to introduce the relevant content, I hope to help you.

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