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Which Shot Blasting Machine is Suitable for Your Workpiece?

1. What is a shot blasting machine?

Shot blasting machine is a casting equipment making use of the high-speed shot thrown from shot blasting machine to clean or enhance casting surface. In the meanwhile, shot blasting machine shakes out, decores and cleans castings.

2. Different industries should choose different types of shot blasting machine

(1) Steel mill

New steel and steel plate produced by steel mill may have many burrs, affecting the quality and appearance, which can be solved by through-type shot blasting machine.

(2) Shipyard

Steel plates of shipyards may have rust, which affects the shipbuilding quality. It's impossible for manual rust removal because there is a large quantity of work. Thus, it needs a machine to remove rust to ensure the shipbuilding quality, which can be finished by a thorough-type shot blasting machine.

(3) Automaker

According to the operation requirements of automaker, both steel plates and castings need polishing but the strength and original shape are disallowed to be damaged and are supposed to be kept beautiful and clean. It demands different polishing machines since car parts are not so regular. Shot blasting machines needed for this are tumble shot blasting machine, rotary type, crawler shot blasting machine and thorough type, and different machines deal with different workpieces.

(4) Hardware factory and electroplate factory

Since hardware and electroplate factories require clean, smooth and lubricated surfaces which can be handled by shot blasting machines. tumble shot blasting machines and crawler shot blasting machines are suitable for workpieces from hardware factory but it depends. Assuming that the workpiece from electroplate factory is small but has large amount, crawler shot blasting machine can be selected to complete rust removal and polishing;

(5) Motorcycle accessory factory

Motorcycle accessories are usually small and suitable for both tumble and crawler shot blasting machines.

(6) Valve factory

Since the workpieces in the valve factory are all cast, they all need to be polished to be clean, smooth and level. This requires shot blastingmachine to clean up these impurities. Rotary table, hook type shot blasting machine can be used.

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