1.Mr.Zheng from Vietnam (20T green sand line)

We used your company's 20T clay sand recycling equipment, which is very easy to use, the equipment is finely crafted, and the welding seams are beautiful. The staff of Binhai is very skilled. The equipment installation and commissioning are put into use soon. The boss and the family are very friendly. We When visiting the boss's house, I deeply felt their enthusiasm and sincerity.
We will order some shot blasting machine again this year.

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2.Mr.Sergey Salo from Russia
We are the agent of Binhai in Russia and have been cooperating since 2013. Binhai's shot blasting machine cleaning equipment is very popular in the local area, the cleaning effect is good, the price is favorable, the after-sales service is guaranteed, the equipment is durable, the accessories are more durable. Let us act with confidence.

3.Mr.Yang from South Korea

I have been using equipment from China for 4 years. The multi-contact molding machine has been used very well. Because it improves work efficiency, it stands out in the same industry, so many competitors have asked me where I bought the equipment.

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4. Mr.Byssrl from Argentina
We purchased the coastal steel cleaning equipment in 18 years. The cleaning effect is very good and very fast. We provide rust removal processing to local customers, which is very popular. We really like Chinese products

5.Mr.Tong from Vietnam steel plate line
We have used a steel plate pretreatment line of your company for 15 years, first to remove rust and then paint. The installers work very seriously and install quickly. Very easy to use and save effort.

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