BHMC pulse type bag filter

BHMC type pulse back blowing bag filter is a new generation of pulse bag filter which is developed by our company after fully absorbing the advanced domestic and foreign technology.

It is composed of filter bag component, guide device, pulse injection system, ash discharge system, control system, off-line protection system, box, etc,.

The dust remover has the advantages of large processing air volume, high purification efficiency, small floor area, small abrasion of filter bag, long service life, simple replacement of filter bag and convenient maintenance.

Pulse back blowing is adopted for ash cleaning, and sequence controller is used for electrical control, which has reliable performance.

It can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, non-ferrous casting, mining, asphalt concrete industry, cement, electric power, carbon black, grain processing and other industrial and mining enterprises in the purification and recycling of normal temperature and high temperature dust gas.

BHMC type pulse back blowing bag filter structure is composed of the following four parts:

1.The upper box body is composed of a bag changing door cover, a guardrail, a flower board, a filter bag, a long venturi, an air inlet and outlet channel and air outlets on both sides.

2.The lower box is composed of ash hopper, inspection door, deceleration device and ash conveying and discharging device.        3. The injection system consists of electromagnetic pulse valve, air bag and protective device.

4. The control system consists of pulse controller and electric control cabinet.

In recent years, this kind of deducting equipment has been used in all provinces of China , a large number of city promotion applications, welcomed by users.

BHMC pulse type bag filter



Post time: Apr-19-2022